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Carolyn Secor, P.A. understands the rigorous stress bankruptcy and foreclosures place on families throughout Pinellas County, FL. Bankruptcy law helps reduce and eliminate debt, so individuals and families can begin anew. We don’t judge. Medical debt and other circumstances can all coalesce to place even the most responsible clients in dire straits.

The Tools You Need for Financial Independence

We offer a series of legal tools to help our clients forge a path to financial independence, free from their debtors’ demands. U.S. law provides several avenues to bankruptcy attorneys. For instance, we can capitalize on Chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcy laws to minimize and erase debts without too much property loss or pain. Learn more about your options below, and do not hesitate to reach out to our attorney today. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Our Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense Options

When it comes to bankruptcy and foreclosure, you are well-defended. While it might seem like your debtors are closing in and there’s nothing you can do, this is not the case. In the hands of our skilled and experienced bankruptcy and foreclosure attorney, you can dig yourself out of the hole and enjoy a debt-free life. So, what’s the first step? We ask that you contact us immediately. When you arrive at our office, have a detailed accounting of your financials, including your debts, handy. Gaining a clear and accurate picture of your situation is critical to practicing sound bankruptcy and foreclosure law. The consultation will allow us to suggest a course of action, of which there are many! Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcies are both options, as is foreclosure defense. We can offer these services to clients living in North Pinellas and Pinellas Park, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, Trinity, Tampa, Westchase, Clearwater, Dunedin, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs and all of Pinellas county. We’ll explore the following options:


Chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy are the two most common tools available to private individuals and businesses. During Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debtors can claim your property, but usually do not. It eliminates most forms of unsecured debt, including medical and credit card bills. You do not have to have a job to use Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13, on the other hand, requires a steady income and takes between three and five years to complete.

Foreclosures Defense

Foreclosures might seem like a foregone conclusion, but they don’t have to be! Our attorneys can fight the bank’s attempts to repossess your home. We follow a rigid step-by-step process, which allows us to negotiate directly with your lenders on your behalf. We also offer mortgage assistance services, which can help clients avoid the foreclosure process entirely! One of the most significant breakdowns that occurs is communication. We offer mediation and communication services between you and the bank that owns the mortgage on your house.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest: Contact Us Today

Pinellas County, FL is a beautiful, beach-lined place to live! We want you to enjoy all it has to offer, from baseball games in Tampa to visits to the zoo and aquariums. But you can’t do those things when you suffer from financial distress. Our bankruptcy attorneys allow you to rebuild your credit so that you can purchase a car or house, or rent a home without a co-signer. We can free your budget so you can enjoy everything Florida living has to offer!

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    Client Review

    “Ms Secor and Sam were with me during a very dark time. They helped me through a mess I made by trying to do this on my own. She was extremely knowledgeable and had my best interest in mind. Thank you very much!!!”
    Kellie Almond
    Client Review