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Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FL

Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FLOur bankruptcy lawyer Clearwater, FL, recommends is well aware of the challenges that debtors face when they find themselves in over their heads. Many people struggling with significant debts may feel overwhelmed and shameful at the number of amassed debts. It should come as no surprise that many may accumulate debt from the unexpected, whether the debts incurred were from job loss or unforeseen medical treatments; Carolyn Secor, P.A. can provide the support you need during this challenging time. Finding the right lawyer takes both time and diligence, but know that in doing so, you give both you and your family every opportunity at being able to weigh the options available to you carefully. Once you have conducted this search, we are confident that you will be taking advantage of my firm’s complementary consultation.   

Reasons You Need a Lawyer

One of the biggest reasons why someone needs a lawyer is because of the complexity that can happen, when it comes to aspects, pertaining to debt. Debt is not always black and white, and there can be many reasons as to why one might be struggling with debt.  Examples could pertain to something as simple as not paying bills on time, to aspects pertaining to business loans. Overall, in orders for one to get the help that is needed, hiring a professional is one of the best ways to go about the situation, because someone needs a stronger understanding of how they got into the situation, why they got into that situation, as well as how it can be resolved, in a professional and ethical manner.  Moreover, another reason why a bankruptcy lawyer should be contacted in given scenarios and taken seriously, is because there are times, where people fail to understand the severity of debt and the consequences that can follow as a result of not getting the issue resolved.
Debt can create real turmoil for a person and their family. Every step taken results in an immense weight being carried by the person suffering from crushing debt. While it can be tempting to pursue bankruptcy without the guidance and experience that a lawyer can provide, to ensure that you provide yourself with every opportunity at your interests being protected, reaching out will be in your best interest for several reasons: 

  • A professional will listen to your situation and your specific needs to determine the chapter of bankruptcy to file for. 
  • Our Clearwater, Florida bankruptcy lawyer will share that, with our services, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your case is on track and that your best interests are being served.
  • Someone with experience who can offer their knowledge and apply it to your particular situation. 
3 reasons you need a bankruptcy lawyer infographic
3 reasons you need a bankruptcy lawyer infographic

The thought of filing for bankruptcy can give many people anxiety but know that it offers the much-needed financial relief that you are desperate for in the long run. By consulting with our team, we can listen to your needs and help you find your way to financial freedom. 

Finding a Lawyer & Scheduling a Consult

Whether you have decided to file for bankruptcy or are considering doing so, it’s best to initiate the process by finding a lawyer to consult who is in your area.
One of the reasons why it is best for one to find a lawyer in their area that can assist, is because at times in a given area, the way bankruptcy aspects are handled, depend on the city or town someone is in.  As such, it is best for one to look for a bankruptcy lawyer, in a specific area, so that they know what can be expected. Moreover, another reason why it is important to find a proper lawyer is because bankruptcy work is not black and white.  People get into debt for many reasons, and some lawyers are more suited for handling different types of debt situations, over others.  For example; some bankruptcy lawyers would be better suited for dealing with business debt, while others would be better suited for handling credit card debt. With so many options available to you, it’s essential to take the time to find a professional who offers the experience you are looking for by:

  • Conducting Internet searches of prospective area lawyers
  • Narrowing your search to lawyers with experience that is specific to bankruptcy
  • Asking people you know for their recommendations
  • Conduct database searches on websites like The American Bar Association

In addition to doing some research, it will be essential to consider prospective area lawyers’ consultation. A consultation can offer a variety of benefits to those in need of bankruptcy services. By contacting our firm, you can receive: 

  • Guidance from a professional for how best to move forward
  • The opportunity to assess whether our services are right for you
  • The ability to ask questions about the bankruptcy process
  • To receive an idea of what you can expect from the process

The 6 Bankruptcy Chapters To Choose From

When first meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, it will be important to understand which bankruptcy chapters you are eligible to file for. Your lawyer can assess your current financial situation and preferences, then recommend a bankruptcy chapter to use. Each chapter is unique depending on the circumstances that an individual or business is going through. Here are the six bankruptcy chapters summarized:

Chapter 7

This chapter may also be called liquidation bankruptcy, since it takes certain kinds of assets and turns it into funds that you can use to pay your creditors. Chapter 7 is the most commonly applied type of bankruptcy chapter in the nation, and provides someone the chance to sell their property so they can get ahead of their debts.

Chapter 9

Intended for municipalities such as counties, school districts, cities, and towns, Chapter 9 bankruptcy offers protection from creditors while a plan for debt readjustment can be figured out. Because Chapter 9 is specific to municipalities, it is recommended that a lawyer is sought for advice and to review the bankruptcy application for errors before submitting. 

Chapter 11

By contrast to Chapter 7, which sells some of your assets, under Chapter 11 you do not sell off any property. Instead, this bankruptcy chapter offers a chance for individuals and businesses to reorganize their finances and change debt terms, such as payment amounts and interest rates.

Chapter 12

This chapter was created to help family fishermen and family farmers who are experiencing severe financial hardships. By filing for Chapter 12 bankruptcy, these works can establish a plan to pay back their creditors over the course of 3-5 years. This bankruptcy chapter tends to be more flexible and have higher debt limits compared to other chapters.

Chapter 13

Otherwise called a wage earner plan, Chapter 13 bankruptcy enables someone with a regular income to create a plan that pays back at least part of their debts. The monthly payments will vary based on income and how much debt is owed. Many people prefer this chapter because it prevents them from foreclosing on their home, so they have more time to bring a mortgage to the current date. 

Chapter 15

This chapter was designed to allow a way for dealing with bankruptcy cases that involve more than a single country. The purpose of Chapter 15 is to enable cooperation between foreign courts, U.S. bankruptcy courts, and a foreign debtor. If you are someone with assets in numerous countries, then this may be the chapter you want to file under.

Carolyn Secor, P.A., has vast experience in bankruptcy law and can help clients navigate the bankruptcy process’s ins and outs. To learn more about how our Clearwater, FL bankruptcy lawyer can help you, schedule a consultation with us today!