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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FL

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Clearwater, FLAny person who has carried a heavy debt load knows the stress and anxiety it can often bring, which is why contacting our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Clearwater, FL residents recommend may be the first place to start. While you may realize that you are carrying a significant amount of debt, coming to terms with filing for bankruptcy can be challenging. Having an awareness of signs that might indicate a problem is the first step before taking action. Once you contact Carolyn Secor, P.A., she will review your situation, help you understand Chapter 13 bankruptcy, and determine whether this is the right solution.

Signs That Indicate There Is a Problem

Large debts can be challenging to manage, and in some cases, it can result in people finding themselves in over their heads. Struggling to make monthly bills or only being able to afford minimum payments on credit cards can make it challenging to get ahead. For some, unforeseen circumstances such as illness or job loss can also contribute to financial issues. Here are some signs to seek a professional to determine whether filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest:


  • You are unable to make payments on your bills each month

  • You have creditors calling you to collect payment

  • You are behind on your mortgage

  • You have been living beyond your means

  • You are using credit cards to pay for everyday living expenses


If any of these ring true, it’s time to get help. Our Clearwater, FL Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer will share that there are options available to you, and we are available to assist you with finding the right one based on your needs. 

Understanding Chapter 13

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is commonly referred to as the wage earner’s plan. This form of filing allows debtors to repay a portion of their debts over 3-5 years. For those with a steady income, Chapter 13 can offer many advantages over other forms of bankruptcy as it allows debtors to have relief from calls from creditors while they repay their debts. Additionally, Chapter 13 is a good option for debtors who want to keep their homes, allowing them the ability to catch up on delinquent mortgage payments. To be eligible, prospective filers must:


  • Have unsecured debts that are less than $394,725

  • Have secured debts that amount to no more than $1,184,200

  • Have had a bankruptcy filing that has been dismissed 180 days before filing for Chapter 13

  • Have received credit counseling within 180 days of filing

If you meet the criteria for Chapter 13, we can assist with commencing the process. Typically this starts by ensuring that the proper paperwork is completed and the appropriate financial information is gathered. You will then file the bankruptcy paperwork with the court to move forward. Once the petition is filed, the automatic stay is granted, which means creditors’ attempts to collect owed debts must halt. We will work closely with you to develop a repayment plan. The bankruptcy trustee will manage these repayments for the duration of the plan. Debtors submit payments to the trustee, who then will distribute the funds.


Call Carolyn Secor, P.A. 

Carolyn Secor, P.A. knows that debts can be all-consuming, difficulty in covering payments, constant calls from creditors, and the impact on your family are just a few ways that a person’s life might be affected. Know that there is help available and that it is possible to reach the other side of bankruptcy. We want to help you to achieve this. Start taking control over your financial situation and your life by scheduling a consultation with our Clearwater, Florida Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible.