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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Oldsmar, FL

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Oldsmar, FL - Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer Oldsmar FLIf you or a loved one are in need of a bankruptcy lawyer, contact a Oldsmar, FL Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer clients can trust at Carolyn Secor, P.A.

How can a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer help their clients? 

When an individual is dealing with an overwhelming amount of debt, it can feel isolating, and embarrassing. Many do not know what to do, or who to turn to for help. Thankfully, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer may be able to help and present viable solutions.  Those facing unmanageable debt should contact a local, experienced lawyer as soon as possible to see what assistance they may be eligible for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may not be the best fit for every client, and financial situation. A skilled Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can help determine what their client may benefit from as far as help with their bank loans, credit card debt, mortgages, and medical bills.

How much information is required for Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Individuals with debt, otherwise referred to as debtors need to adhere to a legal process in order to be considered for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. There are many official bankruptcy documents and forms needed to be filled out in order for the process to be complete. Debtors must include information regarding:

  1. A list containing the amount and specifics of claims, including all creditors
  2. Divulge personal income amount, frequency, and source
  3. Any and all property the debtor may own
  4. A record of the debtor’s expenses for the month including transportation, food, housing, clothing, medication, utilities, and taxes 
  5. If the debtor is married, the above information will need to be collected for the spouse as well

Some debtors may believe that they do not need their spouse’s financial information documented if they are filing separate individual petitions, or if the debtor is filing alone. However, no matter who is filing, information is needed for both spouses, as it may change the household eligibility. 

When filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, debtors may be under the assumption that they will have to lose their house, car, and other valuable assets. This may not be the case, as a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer can explain. Debtors may be able to keep certain assets even in the midst of filing for bankruptcy. 

Why may clients’ debtors resist contacting a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer?

Individuals who experience large and unmanageable amounts of debt may feel shame or embarrassment about their financial situation. Rather than asking for help, they may avoid talking about their debt and finances for fear of being judged. Debt such as mortgages, bank loans, and credit card debt can quickly snowball out of control. This can undoubtedly put insurmountable pressure and anxiety on a person. Thankfully, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at Carolyn Secor, P.A. are willing and able to help provide relief for their clients. Clients should never worry if their attorney will judge their financial situation and decisions, but will provide helpful options to them, and support throughout the entire bankruptcy process. Contact an Oldsmar Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer today at Carolyn Secor, P.A.