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Bankruptcy Relief

Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection works by reorganizing your debt. Our clients are helped to create a repayment plan that fits their personal ability to pay. At Carolyn Secor, P.A. our goal is to help individuals get the most out of Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Oldsmar, Fl. We help you find a plan that works for you. When you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Oldsmar Florida you have options.

young happy couple planning their budget

Experienced Bankruptcy Attorney

A bankruptcy attorney with experience can help you select the plan that works best for you. There are many things you should take into account, such as: Houses and cars Foreclosure Credit card debt Medical bill relief Taxes Exemptions Garnishment Repossession

Our Bankruptcy Attorney can help families to rebuild their lives. Bankruptcy isn’t about giving up. It’s about taking action to rebuild your credit and your financial health. We have seen year after year, client after client, how a well-crafted bankruptcy can dramatically improve people’s lives. It costs you nothing to take action and schedule a free consultation to discuss how Carolyn Secor can help you.

Bankruptcy Reform

The federal government passed new bankruptcy reform legislation in October 2005. However, don’t be discouraged! Most studies indicate that the new law affects less than 15% of individuals who could have filed previously. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debts and considering filing bankruptcy, it is highly probable that you fall into the category of the 85 percent of people who are still eligible to file.

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    Client Review

    “Ms Secor and Sam were with me during a very dark time. They helped me through a mess I made by trying to do this on my own. She was extremely knowledgeable and had my best interest in mind. Thank you very much!!!”
    Kellie Almond
    Client Review