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Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Trinity FL

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Trinity FLA chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Trinity, FL at Carolyn Secor, P.A. knows how stressful money problems can be. For some, it may warrant filing for bankruptcy in order to smoothen out debts and set oneself up for more stable monetary footing. If you are considering filing, you probably have plenty of questions about what the path to come looks like. For those who are dedicated to the process, declaring bankruptcy may be the first step towards a better financial future.

Those who are under pressure from creditors may benefit from Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or one of the other bankruptcy chapters. To know whether filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest, contact our law firm today for a consultation. During this stressful period, it can help to consider the following tips: 

Build a Network of Support

Having support around you can help you get through the process of filing for bankruptcy. To secure your future, seek a financial adviser, hire an experienced lawyer in bankruptcy law, and recruit loved ones or a therapist to lean on for emotional support. Reliable professionals, such as a Florida chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Trinity from Carolyn Secor, P.A., can get you ready for every step while having your best interest in mind at all times.

Prepare the Paperwork

Did you know that the average petition for bankruptcy is upwards of fifty pages or more? On it, you must provide details about your assets, debts, expenses, income, and financial history. If you leave anything out, on purpose or not, it may come back to cause an issue later on. The initial step is gathering your bank statements, financial records, paystubs, tax returns, and any other relevant financial documents. Your lawyer can guide you through the process of completing this petition before submittal, and make sure there are no errors or mistakes that could cause delay. 

Abide by a Budget

You will have to carefully plan a budget for expenses, and eliminate anything extra and unnecessary. To put it simply, you will have to reorganize and develop new spending habits in order to have a successful bankruptcy filing. The last thing you want is to get yourself into deeper debt and further problems if you cannot fulfill the bankruptcy law requirements. 

4 Reasons To File Bankruptcy

If you find yourself struggling financially, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Although this is a difficult decision, it could help you start fresh and regain control of your finances. Contacting a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Trinity FL is a good way to help you understand the specifics of filing bankruptcy. Here are 4 situations in which you may decide to file bankruptcy.

1. You Can’t Afford Anything Without a Credit Card

If the combined cost of your monthly bills exceeds your paycheck, you may not be able to buy anything without the help of a credit card. Even a strict budget may not help you get your finances under control. In this case, the only way you may be able to change your financial situation is by filing for bankruptcy. The attorneys at Carolyn Secor, PA can help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right action for you.

2. You Are Getting Divorced

If your financial situation suddenly changes because you go through a divorce, you may find that you are not able to afford your monthly bills. Filing for bankruptcy may be able to give you a fresh start on a single income.

3. Your Home Is in Danger of Foreclosure

When you have to start choosing between paying your monthly mortgage or buying groceries for your family, your finances are in dire straits. You can avoid losing your home to foreclosure in some situations by filing for bankruptcy. The lawyers at Carolyn Secor, PA may advise you on various types of bankruptcy and help you choose which one is best for your situation.

4. You Are Being Sued by Creditors

When you owe more money than you can afford to pay back, creditors may start to get impatient. They can sue for the money you owe them. If you can’t afford to pay them on a monthly basis, you will not be able to pay the entire fee you owe in one installment. If you find yourself in this situation, bankruptcy may be the only solution.

Filing for bankruptcy is a difficult decision that you may have to make to improve your financial situation. Because the legal system can be complicated, you need to hire a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Trinity FL to help you make sense of the process. Filing for bankruptcy will not improve your financial situation overnight, but it can give you the fresh start you need to enrich your life.

Unsure If Chapter 13 Is Right For You? Here Are Some Ways to Know

Carolyn Secor, PA has years of experience as a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Trinity FL. For that reason, she is well equipped to assist clients for whom Chapter 13 is an option. While the goal of a bankruptcy settlement is always the same, the means and qualifications differ depending on the situation. If this is your first time considering bankruptcy as a means to repair your finances, you may be unclear on what exactly Chapter 13 entails. While you should always talk to an attorney before moving forward, here are the basics.


Bankruptcy settlements come in two varieties: reorganization and liquidation. Chapter 13 is a reorganization settlement. This means that you will not need to sell any assets you hold in order to satisfy your creditors. 

Instead, you will negotiate a payment plan along with a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer in Trinity FL. A court trustee will mediate these payments for a set period of time so that your creditors are satisfied. 


Carolyn Secor, PA is always sure to remind her clients that there are specific regulations that determine eligibility for Chapter 13. In order to qualify for Chapter 13, you must: 

  • Have no more than $394,725 in unsecured debts
  • Have no more than $1,184,200 in secured debts 
  • Not have had a prior bankruptcy dismissed within the past 180 days
  • Not be a corporation or partnership 

In order to qualify for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you will also need to complete credit counseling from a court-approved counseling service within 180 days of filing. 


Why might Chapter 13 be an attractive option for debtors seeking relief? For starters, Chapter 13 will allow you to retain any assets you hold. If you are particularly concerned about the consequences of liquidation, then Chapter 13 may prove advantageous for you or your organization. Additionally, Chapter 13 has no income requirements. Households with an income that is above the state median may find that other bankruptcy types are unavailable to them.

Bankruptcy law can be complex and confusing. If you have questions or need guidance, the best course of action is to talk to a qualified attorney. They’ll have the tools and knowledge to assess your circumstance. They’ll be able to advise you on the best course of action to deal with the courts and satisfy your creditors. If Chapter 13 is something that you are considering, call a bankruptcy attorney today.  

Call Carolyn Secor, P.A. Today

There is no shame in getting assistance for money issues. Sometimes bankruptcy is ultimately the best way to find that strong footing and secure a more sturdy future for yourself and your family. Call Carolyn Secor, P.A. today to book a consultation with a Trinity, FL Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer as soon as possible.