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I guess we all know how to reduce credit card debt. Spend less, save more. Aside from the obvious, it doesn’t hurt to give some thoughts to some techniques. You move in the direction of your dominant thought.

Think Before You Spend

This one may sound easy, but it is by far the hardest. You have to figure out why you are spending so much money. I was spending in order to fund my business, along with just buying things that I didn’t need. I was purchasing to satisfy my wants. It is time to figure out the difference between wants and needs. I took a hard look at my finances and realized that I needed a change. I shut down my profitable online business, stopped eating out, cut our cable, and created detailed grocery lists. I took my lunch to work every day as a way to eat better and save a lot of money. These are the things that I did to stop spending money. Beyond paying your regular bills, you need to figure out where the rest of your money is going and cut off the spending. It may be harsh, but it is important.

Figure Out a Way to Pay Things Off

Once you figure out how to stop spending money, perhaps you can find one of the On-line programs to help you pay things off.

Stay on Target and Focused

Welcome to the next hardest step. Paying down debt is not easy and it will usually take some time. We all don’t have the luxuries to just pay off our debt in a couple of months. It will most likely take years. Some take longer than others. Some work hard to make sure they stay on target. There are so many temptations that occur in everyday life, but you have to understand your goal.

Do you want to be buried in debt or would you rather have financial freedom? I chose financial freedom. Don’t be afraid to tell your friends or family that you can’t do something because you can’t afford it. You may not want to irritate your friends or family, but these are necessary changes. If they love and respect you, they will understand. Paying off debt is about you becoming a better person and more financially stable. You have to do whatever you can to stay on target. I made some simple changes along with harder changes to make sure I stayed on my debt payment plan.

Make More Money

You can only save so much, so there might be many times where you just don’t make enough money to accelerate your debt repayment. There are quite a few ways to make more money besides your full-time job. Be a Caregiver. You can find jobs on Make money by selling things on Craigslist, selling on eBay, taking surveys (yes, this can work), and starting a blog.

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