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Elder Law Lawyer

If you or a loved one is in need of legal, professional help pertaining to elder law, reach out to an elder law lawyer clients trust to protect and defend the elderly. With the rising age count among the elderly, there is a greater demand for legal representation, and attorneys specializing in elder law. There may be some confusion around the difference between medicare and Medicaid, how to pay for end-of-life care, and what your legal rights are regarding housing, and protecting yourself against elder abuse. By hiring an elder law lawyer, you not only gain clarity regarding these matters but support when you need it. The following are two common myths pertaining to elder law:

Myth 1: Long-term care planning is unnecessary for the elderly because they can rely on family.

Although true in some cases, this is not universal and could have devastating implications for some elderly people who do not plan accordingly. If an injury or serious illness befalls an aged individual, he or she needs to have a plan for care, housing, and medical support. Without a plan, this places an immense burden upon family members to care for their aged loved ones. However, many are not able to care for their sick, or injured elderly family members due to physical, financial, or housing limitations. Rather than causing strife and discord among the family, allow an elder law lawyer to assist the elderly person in creating a realistic plan with their family member. This plan should consider instances of injury or illness and allow other options to be presented. Not only will an attorney help guide a conversation and help formulate a plan, but they can also advocate on behalf of their client to the family and loved ones.

Myth 2: Elder abuse hardly occurs and does not require legal intervention.

This is a dangerous myth that leaves the elderly population vulnerable and unprotected. The fact of the matter is that elder abuse happens, whether that be financially, physically, sexually, mentally, or emotionally. There are various different situations and environments in which this abuse can take place. Elder abuse can take place within the hospital, nursing homes, the workplace, and online. Unfortunately, the abuser is not always easy to identify as it can be anyone, a family member, loved one, employer, stranger, or caregiver. Many fear reporting elder abuse because they are afraid of their abuser, leaving their housing situation or that they will not receive the proper care they need.

Professional Legal Guidance

With the help of an attorney from Kaplan Law Practice, LLC clients do not need to be afraid but can rest assured that they will be taken care of. For example, if abuse is occurring in an elder’s housing situation or with a caregiver, an elder law lawyer will remove their client from that abusive place and place them in a safe, comfortable living situation. No one should have to suffer abuse, especially those in a more fragile state. If you are experiencing elder abuse, or have questions regarding elder law, reach out to an elder law lawyer today.