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You’re Not Alone

Millions of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. Unfortunately, it’s no different here in the Spring Hill Area. Often people tirelessly struggle with their debt and put off talking to a bankruptcy attorney. In the process, they needlessly waste precious time and money by draining savings and retirement accounts, only to find themselves still in debt.

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I Understand What You’re Going Through

Whatever your reasons are for considering bankruptcy, I understand. As a bankruptcy lawyer, I’ve seen a wide range of financial troubles and know what you are going through. In fact, here are some warning signs to look at. If you find yourself answering “yes” to more than a few, it may be time to schedule a free consultation. As a bankruptcy attorney, my job is to help hard-working people successfully navigate the bankruptcy process by listening, discussing your options, and helping you make wise decisions.

Let’s Discuss Your Options

Bankruptcy is not always the best option to address financial concerns. We will talk about your problems with creditors during your free, confidential consultation and discuss a range of options to address your situation. I do not file for bankruptcy for every person I consult with. Maybe filing for bankruptcy is not the best fit for you. If so, I’ll let you know. If it is, however, we will create a personalized solution tailored for your schedule and needs. My goal is to reduce as much of your debt as possible while securing your assets from creditors. Permanent, effective financial relief.

The federal government passed new bankruptcy reform legislation in October 2005. However, don’t be discouraged! Most studies indicate that the new law affects less than 15% of individuals who could have filed previously. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debts and considering filing bankruptcy, it is highly probable that you fall into the category of the 85 percent of people who are still eligible to file.

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    Client Review

    “Ms Secor and Sam were with me during a very dark time. They helped me through a mess I made by trying to do this on my own. She was extremely knowledgeable and had my best interest in mind. Thank you very much!!!”
    Kellie Almond
    Client Review