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(2) As may be otherwise specifically provided for in this chapter.

§ 121.131. Benefits exempt from taxes and execution

The benefits accrued to any person under the provisions of this chapter and the accumulated contributions, securities, or other investments in the trust funds hereby created are exempt from any state, county, or municipal tax of the state and shall not be subject to assignment, execution, or attachment or to any legal process whatsoever.

§ 122.15. Benefits exempt from taxes and execution

(1) The pensions, annuities, or any other benefits accrued or accruing to any person under the provisions of this chapter and the accumulated contributions and the cash securities in the funds created under this chapter are hereby exempted from any state, county or municipal tax of the state and shall not be subject to execution or attachment or to any legal process whatsoever and shall be unassignable.

(2) This subsection shall have no effect upon this section except that the department may, upon written request from the retired member, deduct premiums for group hospitalization insurance from the retirement benefit paid such retired member.

§ 769.05. Proceeds of recovery for injuries exempt from garnishment and execution

Writs of garnishment, execution or other processes, shall not issue out of any court to reach any money due or likely to become due as damages under the provisions of this chapter.

§ 112.215. Government employees; deferred compensation program

(1) This section shall be known and may be cited as the "Government Employees' Deferred Compensation Plan Act."

(2) For the purposes of this section, the term "employee" means any person, whether appointed, elected, or under contract, providing services for the state; any state agency or county or other political subdivision of the state; any municipality; any state university board of trustees; or any constitutional county officer under s. 1(d), Art. VIII of the State Constitution for which compensation or statutory fees are paid.

(3) In accordance with a plan of deferred compensation which has been approved as herein provided, the state or any state agency, county, municipality, other political subdivision, or constitutional county officer may, by contract or a collective bargaining agreement, agree with any employee to defer all or any portion of that employee's otherwise payable compensation and, pursuant to the terms of such approved plan and in such proportions as may be designated or directed under that plan, place such deferred compensation in savings accounts or use the same to purchase fixed or variable life insurance or annuity contracts, securities, evidence of indebtedness, or such other investment products as may have been approved for the purposes of carrying out the objectives of such plan. Such insurance, annuity, savings, or investment products shall be underwritten and offered in compliance with the applicable federal and state laws and regulations by persons who are duly authorized by applicable state and federal authorities.

(4) (a) The Chief Financial Officer, with the approval of the State Board of Administration, shall establish such plan or plans of deferred compensation for state employees, including all such investment vehicles or products incident thereto, as may be available through, or offered by, qualified companies or persons, and may approve one or more such plans for implementation by and on behalf of the state and its agencies and employees.

(b) If the Chief Financial Officer deems it advisable, he or she shall have the power, with the approval of the State Board of Administration, to create a trust or other special funds for the segregation of funds or assets resulting from compensation deferred at the request of employees of the state or its agencies and for the administration of such program.


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