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Deciding to file a bankruptcy is a choice that requires careful consideration and thought. Every circumstance is unique. Your individual needs and concerns need to be addressed to determine the best course of action for you in proceeding into the bankruptcy system, and ultimately exiting it successfully. Information is power, but the wrong information can be devastating to your future after bankruptcy. It is important to have an experienced attorney in your corner who is well versed in the bankruptcy laws and procedures. Carolyn Secor will help you understand the options and effects of a bankruptcy filing, and make a recommendation that best suits your circumstances is essential.

Foreclosure Defense

At Carolyn Secor, P.A. , we understand the hardships families face when faced with the uncertain future foreclosures present, but more importantly we know how to present options that may stop foreclosure. Our mission is to help you get a fresh start by stopping the foreclosure process permanently, if possible and keeping it off your credit report! We accomplish this by following a step-by-step procedure that rescues mortgages through negotiations with lenders. We work with lenders around the world on a daily basis and know the best strategies to help prevent foreclosure.

Mortgage Assistance

Carolyn Secor P.A. can help homeowners have a chance to get a mortgage loan modification or other mortgage assistance. She can help ensure that borrowers and mortgage lenders are communicating. Both financial counseling and mediation are available.When the loan mediation process occurs, banks and lenders that have the authority to approve a settlement. Attorney Secor can help to make sure that you get the best result in this process.

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Landlord Tenant Law

The state of Florida provides protection for tenant and landlords under state law. Each party has rights and responsibilities guaranteed to them under the law. When your rights are violated you should contact an attorney. As a landlord there are requirements that must be met to ensure that you are providing a safe and healthy environment to your tenants. Landlords also have a set of mandated guidelines to follow in the event that a tenant is being unruly or violating the terms of their rental agreement in some way.

When a tenant violates their rental agreement a landlord must take specific steps to begin the eviction process. A landlord cannot remove or repossess personal belonging from the rental property; force the tenant to leave the property, change the locks or prevent the tenant from the property in any way until a legal eviction is filed and the disputed is resolved through legal proceedings. Tenants are also bound by legal responsibilities and limitations. A tenant is not allowed to withhold payment from a landlord because the tenant is not satisfied with the conditions of the property or treatment received from the landlord. A tenant must address grievances with the landlord and then take legal action if no agreements can be reached. This is the point where you need to hire a Landlord /Tenant lawyer. A landlord/ tenant lawyer can advise you as the tenant or the landlord of your right and responsibilities as well as direct you in the required steps for problem resolution.

Credit Repair

Your credit score can have a significant impact on your ability to receive loans, access credit, and other financial means. Contrary to popular belief, credit score recovery is not simply a waiting game.
We are Tampa Bay and Clearwater credit repair attorneys that assist our clients to quickly repair their credit scores using tried and proven techniques. Our attorneys and support staff work closely with our clients to thoroughly examine their credit reports to gain a thorough understanding of the events that have led to a decrease in the perceived credit worthiness of an individual. We then provide tailored counseling services as to how credit bureaus arrive at a credit score and how our clients can best to go about improving and maintaining a high credit score.

Credit Card Counseling

Suits for credit card debt are not only filed on dishonest people who had no intention of paying their cards off. It happens to many hard-working people with personal financial stress. If you are the recipient of such a suit, there may be a number of repercussions, not the least of which could be the shame and difficulty of having your wages garnished to pay creditors. A credit card lawsuit is not a hopeless situation. There are more than half a dozen ways by which a credit card lawsuit can possibly be addressed. Getting the assistance of an attorney skilled in resolving these matters is urgent when facing a lawsuit. You are invited to contact Caroline Secor. She can maximize any opportunities you have to handle the lawsuit, thus helping you with the debt.

We decided to become lawyers because we wanted to help people. We are Carolyn Secor P.A., a consumer law firm, firmly devoted to helping our friends and neighbors resolve financial problems through legal means, including credit card lawsuits.


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