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Are you threatened with foreclosure? We can help you fight back.

If you have dropped seriously behind in your mortgage payments, you are under threat of foreclosure, or soon will be. Your lender will serve you with foreclosure papers, and once these papers are received you have only 20 days in which to respond. A letter or phone call is not enough to legally resolve this situation, and the foreclosure action will move forward unless legal action to defend against it is undertaken quickly. Carolyn Secor can help. We have years of legal experience, and are well-qualified to review your situation and determine the best way to fight back.

Our approach is based upon the wishes of our clients. When you come to our office with your foreclosure documents, we need to find out from you what exactly you are hoping for. Do you want to stay in your home? Would you prefer to move on as the property has been so diminished in value that it doesn't seem to be the right decision? Each case is as unique as the clients involved. We carefully evaluate your loan documents, line by line, and seek out the potential resolutions for your foreclosure situation. There are a number of opportunities to resolve a foreclosure, and we are focused on finding the solution that is best for you.

Our legal team is familiar with all the potentials for an effective foreclosure defense. We know your homeowners rights, and will relentlessly protect you. There are a variety of foreclosure alternatives, including a short sale, deed in lieu, forced deed in lieu, or bankruptcy, whether chapter 7 or chapter 13. Some homeowners will qualify for loan modifications or may wish to engage in a strategic mortgage default to move forward the process to a resolution you can live with. We can advise you on all the ramifications of foreclosure, and this is a crucial issue. Even after a foreclosure, there are future financial threats and credit issues you should fully understand before walking away from an upside-down mortgage.

Some of our clients have been victims of predatory lending tactics. Those who got their mortgage during the subprime lending bubble have often been found to have been told untruths when acquiring their mortgage. You have rights under the Truth in Lending Act, and if there were truth in lending violations we can take action against the bank, mortgage company or other party that engaged in illegal practices. If you want to get the truth about staying in your home after foreclosure, we provide trusted legal counsel and can discuss this matter or any other issue of concern.

It is vital that you protect yourself against future judgments, no matter what you choose to do in a foreclosure. Our firm has the experience and depth of knowledge in all foreclosure issues to help you come to a decision about your problem. We have a loan modification team that can initiate negotiations with your bank or lender; we can help you file for bankruptcy when that is your final best solution; or work with both you and your lender in a short sale. Our legal team is passionate about helping individuals and families in Oldsmar to resolve foreclosure, and we offer a free consultation to assist you. We urge you to contact our firm as early as possible in the process, as our early intervention can help you resolve the situation before it gets worse.

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The federal government passed new bankruptcy reform legislation in October 2005. However, don't be discouraged! Most studies indicate that the new law affects less than 15% of individuals who could have filed previously. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debts and considering filing bankruptcy, it is highly probable that you fall into the category of the 85 percent of people who are still eligible to file.




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