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I am Carolyn Secor, a Carrollwood bankruptcy Attorney. I am here to offer solutions and guidance with tax debt obligations. My favorite work that I do is to help people get out of debt and help them get their lifes back on track. I know life can be unpridictable at times, and unforseen circumstances can cause almost anyone to have to file bankruptcy.

 I know it can be intimidating to talk to a Attorney, especially when it’s a bankruptcy Attorney. But the most common things I hear from my  clients at the end of the first consultation are “I feel better” and “I wish I had met you sooner.”

 The goal at the initial consultation is to arm you with good information so you can make the best decision. During the initial consultation, we do three things: (1) We listen to your problem; (2) We assess your situation; (3) We offer solutions.

The best solution is where you can keep all of your assets and get rid of all the debt. If we could send a single message to people facing debt, it would be, “Do not ignore your problems!” We are here to help!


Carolyn Secor


The federal government passed new bankruptcy reform legislation in October 2005. However, don't be discouraged! Most studies indicate that the new law affects less than 15% of individuals who could have filed previously. If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debts and considering filing bankruptcy, it is highly probable that you fall into the category of the 85 percent of people who are still eligible to file.




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We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

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